Steampunk Voyageur Notebook and Phone Case

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The steampunk smart voyageur is a revolutionary leather cover with a high-tech pad for any smartphone, including the iPhone® 6 and 7, and a paper notebook.

If you are a digital native who still loves writing down ideas on paper, the smart voyageur is the perfect travel companion for you. Your smartphone is kept securely in place right next to your paper notebook thanks to a highly adhesive, yet glue-free pad in the leather cover. The pad is made in Germany from carbon and glass fibres and leaves no residue when the smartphone is removed. It is made to last (there is absolutely no glue!) and can be washed with a wet cloth if it gets dirty. This also means that you can remove your smartphone as often as you want from the leather cover.

The smart voyageur is modular. You can remove the paper notebook if you wish to use the smart voyageur only as a smartphone cover. The smart voyageur is compatible with all smartphones up to 7,5 x 14,8 cm wide, including (but not exclusively) the iPhone® 6 and 7 and all previous iPhone versions, the Galaxy S5 and S6, Sony Experia Z5, HTC One, Nexus 5X and Nokia Lumia 950

  • 1 vegetable-tanned, fragrant leather cover tanned in Toscana (Size: 8 x 15 cm)
  • 1x smart refill 01 (plain)
  • 1 stylish packaging


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