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Relieve stress and anxiety with this expertly crafted brass fidget toy with a retro industrial style.

This high quality, limited edition brass hand spinner is the perfect way to bring a sense of calm and relaxation in any stressful situation. Masterfully crafted by renowned industrial innovator Steve Raffner to offer a vintage steampunk feel, you can take the Spinget with you anywhere you go, fitting easily in your pocket.

With every revolution of the spinner, your mind will become more peaceful and your creativity will be increased. Unlike other fidget toys, the Spinget offers the durability of a solid brass construction, providing both a seamless spin for the user and a undeniably appealing look.

The ergonomic design of the Spinget means that you will be able to get a consistent spin anytime you need to alleviate the stresses of a chaotic day.

Perfect for anybody that suffers from anxiety, ADHD or simply wants to bring a sense of calm in any situation, the Spinget brings tranquillity in the form of an artisan crafted, vintage look.

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Problem's with writer's block, mental fatigue or are you simply uninspired? Playing with the Spinget will cause your creativity to flow, as the mind will become more open, allowing you to gain a different perspective on whatever you may be thinking about.


The Spinget is specially crafted so to be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are a business executive struggling with anxiety from work or if it is for a child suffering from ADHD, the benefit of a calm mind will be the same. No matter who you are, the Spinget helps your mind while looking great in a retro brass style!

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Available from £51 each!

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