Gifts For Geeks by Steampunk Junkies


We believe giving gifts should be exciting, not just a formality. Steampunk Junkies build unique, fun and meaningful gifts for all the geeks in your life. We go the extra mile to offer high-quality, original design, for all kinds of geeks (nerds, steampunks, comic/sci-fi fans, cosplayers & otakus...) so you can feel confident you’ve found the perfect gift for them. Because your gift should be as unique as they are to you.


Our carefully crafted, 5 star products (on Amazon, eBay and Etsy) are made out of solid materials and virtually unbeatable in terms of the joy given to the happy, gifted geek who receives it. These luxury novelties could also be offered to non-geek people such as the mad scientist, blimp pilot, or even a Victorian supermodel!


The Famous Original Cryptex USB key

Based on the Da-Vinci code, this smart USB adds a bit of fun into your life. Turn the dials to the correct combination, and the USB will come out of the end.

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The Brilliant Round Cryptex MK II

A re-imagination of our original Round Cryptex. Only the owner knows the combination. Turn the dials, and voila the USB comes out the bottom!.

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The Apple/Android 2-in-1 Cable

A clever little gadget that will enable you to only carry the one USB cable for both Apple and Micro-USB. Flick and switch! Be the envy of your friends…

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