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All of the tech startups weve worked with are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers so when Fueledthe mobile app development companycalled us to help with their collective we were expecting the desired snack room, lounge areas and fun energy usually requisite of blooming companies. What we werent expecting was the rad specificity of owners Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzners taste or the amazing idea behind the community. The Fueled Collective is an incubator that nourishes over 20 small start ups, encouraging engagement between different working groups. Knowing exactly what being a tiny new start up feels like, we immediately jumped on board.

Wanting to emulate Victorian London and the comfort of ones own living room, Homepolish designer Danielle Arps (with help from Payton Swenson and Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos) focused on cushy leather furniture, dark wood accents and subdued wall colors. Chalk drawings on the wall by Casey Opstad, crate shelving, and a lot of exposed light bulbs keep the space feeling comfortable and cozy. Of course the snack wall, chill out areas and excited attitudes of the employees are all included.

Fueled Collective perfectly represents everything we love about collaboration and their office design reflects our own creative partnership.
- Noa, Homepolish cofounder

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