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We thought some of these Victorian era designs from Etsy dealer, Old World Computer, looked familiar. I happened back upon the Etsy seller while searching online for iPad desk stands, discovering this fanciful steampunk design, quickly realizing "woodguy32" had updated the catalog with plenty of new iPad, iPod, and even Android device desk accessories for those partial to yesteryear's aesthetic...
Our favorite of the handcrafted bunch is the iPhone Dock Oak Charger with old timey handset shown above:
Old Tom Computer is actually a side project, complementing another business operated by "woodguy32": hot rod Woodies (those 1930's cars made famous by the Beach Boys). In either case, Cincinnati craftsman, woodguy32's skills are not to be denied and worth a gander, if just for curiosity's sake.

*A sad note shared on their Etsy shop home page: "Please Note: I have been hit with Cancer a second time. There will be a delay in getting orders out. If you purchase an item, please understand this."

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